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Raising the New Flags!

After a generous donation of new flags from a Member,  The American Cooperative of Anoka organized a special ceremony to retire the old flags and raise the new flags.  On the evening of July 2nd, the flag at the boulevard entrance was lowered as “Taps” was played.  The two flags at the main entrance were also retired.  The following morning members gathered at the boulevard  monument for the flag raising ceremony.  A quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes was recited:  “One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation evermore”.  As the new flag was hoisted, a member played “To the Colors”.  Members recited the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  The two entrance flags were replaced with a new American flag and the new Minnesota State flag.  The American Cooperative of Anoka proudly displays our new flags!!


New Pollinator Garden Started

Work has begun on our new pollinator garden!



June 10, 2024 – Work Begins on Infiltration Basin

Work began Monday Morning on the Infiltration Basin.  A group of hardy volunteers began the project that the Grounds Committee and the Drainage Sub-Committee have been planning since October of 2023.  A tiller and a lot of muscle and sweat was used to break up the dead sod that was causing the problem of slow “infiltration” of storm runoff back into the ground water.  A little more work will be done to prepare the soil then seeding with fescue grass will follow.    We found over 20 golf balls in the basin!

THANKS to all the volunteers that worked so hard.




May 27, 2024 – Memorial Day

TAPS ACROSS AMERICA is an all inclusive patriotic event that honors our nation’s veterans each year on Memorial Day.  Taps Across America provides an opportunity for all musicians of any age or ability the honor of sounding live Taps in recognition of the sacrifice of those veterans that have passed in service to their country.

The American Cooperative of Anoka is proud to participate in this tradition.  Members met on the patio at 2:45 and listened to Greg Kimball play patriotic and Christian tunes.  Then at 3:00 he with the help of Margaret Ekstrum payed Taps.  In a fitting tribute, even our local Bald Eagle attended!  Our thanks to all the veterans who have served our country and our prayers go to all that gave their lives in her service.





May 15, 2024 – AED Training

On May 15th members of the Anoka Champlin Fire Dept. and the Anoka Police Dept. came to The American Cooperative of Anoka and gave a class on the use of our new AED device and CPR.  Members enjoyed learning these life saving skills from these generous public servants.





May 4, 2024 – Kentucky Derby Party

All the Members attending enjoyed our first ever Kentucky Derby Party.  Everyone came dressed up for the Derby in their finest outfits and the hats topped everything.  We started with terrific appetizers and, of course Mint Julips (non-alcoholic) while we all watched the race on our big screen TV.  It was a “won by a nose” very exciting race.  We followed up by galloping over to the gourmet buffet dinner designed, cooked and served by Mary Hancy, Peggy Rumsch, and Brenda Belland.  The ham, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, two kinds of corn muffins, cabbage salad, and grits pleased every pallet and stomach!  I won’t even mention the desserts.   I think we may have started a tradition here at The American Cooperative of Anoka.




April 22, 2024 – Earth Day 2024
The American Cooperative of Anoka celebrated Earth Day 2024 by cleaning up our neighborhood.  The City of Anoka on Instagram reported:

The American Cooperative of Anoka celebrated Earth Day on Monday by doing a “Pick-a-Park” and “Adopt-A-Park” around their area.  They filled 15 bags with trash, brush, and other finds along the island in front of their building, around Green Haven Golf course and Event Center, and along the railroad tracks.  A big thanks to them for all their help!








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